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in san jose for 28 years and i felt i had to do something. >> reporter: scott fey brought an american flag. >> heavy day today. >> reporter: on duty officers who couldn't go to the memorial said they appreciate this. >> the support we get in this town is incredible and the support for these officers who gave their lives for these people, yeah it chokes me up. >> reporter: the somber procession caused some to reflect on societal violence. >> when i see something happen like this i mean it's just, it's unbelievable. it just brings tears to your eye, what's happened to our community. >> reporter: several people said this refocused their respect for those in service. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> many people who didn't make the trip to san jose watched the service from the kaiser arena in santa cruz. the people sat there quietly wiping away tears listening to the eulogies of the two officers. many said they felt the need to be with others and share the loss together as a community. >> just to reach out, they're real people, with real families. >> you want to reach out to their fa
's average is $4.22. in san jose it's $4.13 and in oakland it's $4.12. bay area prices are 24-cents higher. >>> the county closed a station in lafayette after lawmakers denied a proposal. there's no merger agreement yet to share a new facility but talks are beginning. meetings will be held before the two agencies tomorrow and tuesday. >>> trunks of unmanned police vehicles can no longer be manned from inside. that's what happened when someone smashed a window of a police car and stole a rifle. the rifle was found two days later at an oakland home. >>> in our continuing coverage of the sequester cuts in the budget, president obama plans several visits to that place right there capitol hill. some republicans are skeptical of the president's motives for reaching out. others are hoping his efforts will encourage bipartisan cooperation and break the gridlock in washington. cristina muchler reports. >> none of this is necessary. it's happening because a choice that republicans in congress have made. >> reporter: from that to this. >>ive been reaching out to republicans and democrats to see if w
was killed. live in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> oakland city auditor says two councilmembers broke the law, and aapproximate busessed their power by abusing city contracts. the auditor shows more than a dozen violations. among other things, it accuses them of icing their power to influential the bidding process for the $2 million cleanup at the former oakland army base. >> the law was broken here. so the report, it was not done out in the open. there was undue influential. >> reporter: the auditor says oakland city charter is clear. councilmembers can only set policy and funds. both brooks and reid deny wrongdoing. we have discovered councilmember larry reid is the center of a second investigation. eric rasmussen obtained a report of a private investigator who looked into the issue. >> reporter: urban recycling solutions incorporated had a good deal on the side of the old oakland army base on berma road. civil engineer told us his business partner, and owner of urban recycling paid a long time activist, darrell kerry $1,000 a week to get the city of oakland's c
in san jose have released a sketch of a woman who may have stole a truck yesterday. the suv and the baby have been returned. they described the person of interest as latina and possibly in her late 30s or early 40s. the baby's mother told police she saw an unfamiliar woman in front of her home as she loaded things inside the jeep just before the car and baby disappeared. >>> okay -- oakland police want your help for a possible child predator. the man walked into the front of the home and tried to abduct a 9-year-old girl. the man fled in a silver honda. >>> an 8-year-old girl is recovering tonight after surgeons removed an arrow from her leg. someone shot her during a class field trip to berkeley's lawrence hall of science. campus police think the arrow was shot from the neighborhood just north of the complex. the girl was hit just after 10:00 a.m. while playing outside at a whale replica. >> it was an arrow, it was a regular arrow. not a toy, a regular arrow. it was stuck on her leg. it wasn't poking out one side it was just in and stuck in there. >> reporter: investigators are trying
cruz memorial. the viewing comes one day before a public memorial service at hp pavilion in san jose. thursday's procession is set to start at 8:45 in the morning in santa cruz. participants will all be staging at the third street parking lot on the board walk. the procession will head north over highway 17 to hp pavilion in downtown san jose. authorities say that procession will cause rolling road closures along the route. >>> ktvu will air thursday's memorial live. our coverage begins with mornings on 2. then at 11:00, our coverage continues as the funeral procession makes its way to san jose. >>> on wall street the dow jones went where it has never been before surpassing it's previous record in closing at an all time high. the dow gained 125 points to 14,253. that is 90 points above the previous record set before the recession in october of 2007. nasdaq gained 42 it's at a 12 year high but still 19 points below its report set back in march 2000. still there was no champane popping in wall street. there's reluctance to get too excited since the economy remains in recovery mode. low
this morning. tonight, we learned about plans to remember the san jose musician, and changes coming to the train tracks where he was killed. >> i am 16 years old. >> reporter: the 16-year-old seen in this video was known for his love of one thing. >> music has been a big part of my life. >> reporter: he played bass and guitar, and loved jazz and blues. >> everybody knew him as the guy who could play the guitar. >> reporter: his life ended yesterday afternoon where he was hit and killed by a train. >> at this point in the investigation, there's nothing to indicate that this was the result of foul play, or an intentional act. >> he was known around campus, and everyone was just sad. everything was quiet. >> reporter: in the last month, jonathan won first place in a local school art contest for this original song entitled hard lessons. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: he said the award inspired him to write more and touch people's lives. >> definitely has motivated me to keep going. >> reporter: despite illegal signs posted it was a well known short cut. >> i can't believe it happened. i jus
, the official memorial is in san jose. for many who can't attend tomorrow, they paid their final respects tonight. more than 400 community members had a rare intimate chance to say their goodbye to the first santa cruz police officers ever killed in the line of duty. >> in my heart i knew i had to be here. how i felt. and that they are my heros. >> reporter: in a small room sat two flag draped caskets, carrying remains of elizabeth butler, and lauren baker. inside, person after person was left trying to figure out why. >> just walk out with such an overwhelming feeling of what a terrible waste of two great human buildings lives. >> the family members and fellow officers had a private viewing earlier this week. tonight, a chance for friends, and strangers to start the healing process. >> tremendous. it's helping people heal a little bit. get a little bit of closure. it's going to take a while, of course. >> reporter: it will take a while for james to heal. >> i heard the sirens on the day it happened. hearing the news was really tough, and this just kind of made it more real. >> it has the
. the fire is 60% contained after burning over 300 acres. >>> the city of san jose is welcoming more than two doesn't more firefighters to their rank despite budget cuts. an $8 million instead grant is paying for this. >> reporter: this is the largest far academy graduating class yet. what it means if truck sitting idle will go back into work. the fire department has 31 newly badged firefighters tonight, and it took them years of preparation and 18 weeks of academy training, but it took an entire department to get them here. >> every member has made a personal sacrifice to allow for us to hire these folks that we desperately need. >> reporter: they put their lives on the line, but now they have put their paychecks online. >> i know that men and women can't wait to get support come sunday so we can relieve brown-outs and do a lot more. >> reporter: this graduating class is a boost that they needed. >> k. c. kegan... >> this is a dream come true. >> he's been chasing the fire sirens ever since he could walk. >> reporter: this is the only woman in the class. >> this is as great welcoming and
a sheriff's deputy, fatally shot -- a high and low speed chase through san jose and ended with police shooting and killing the driver. last night a traffic stop in union city result -- resulted in the death of a motorist. allie rasmus spoke to police. >> reporter: a tow truck took an older honda mini van. the driver is in jail and his passenger is dead after an officer involved shooting. >> the driver could have complied. >> reporter: hayward police says an officer tried to pull over pacman for speeding but he did not stop. the officer led the suspect into this area. the officer happened to have a civilian doing a ride along with him. >> made several movements to intentionally drive at the officer. >> reporter: pacman wasn't struck by the police gunfire but his passenger was. >> then you hear three shots fast. then you hear another two and you hear the door slam fast. >> reporter: police pursued pacman as he sped down d street. he was caught and arrested. police say pacman's last known address was in oakley. he is now in jail and homicide -- jail charged with homicide for the death o
of workers in san jose got a $2 pay hike as the city raised minimum wage. it will take time for witnesses to evaluate the cost. but as robert honda shows us for many, the boost in pay and moral was immediate. >> reporter: phils coffee is one of many san jose businesses that raised the minimum wage from $8 to $10 an hour, approved by voters in november after a vigorous campaign lead by students. >> have enough to help my dad out he doesn't have to work two jobs any more i can hell within the groceryeven -- help out with groceries. >> get to live a little more. get nice food. >> reporter: getting the estimated 53,000 workers effected is part of the overall strategy. >> we will have additional $70 million of spending in the city due to the wage increase. it will lift up the economy. >> reporter: some business owners expressed concern the pay hike would hurt their bottom line. but phil's coffee owner, raised wages early. >> from what we've seen, actually, workers are working harder, they are more positive, greater customer service and business has increased. >> reporter: the employer said it
car and amber alert. live in san jose to tell us what the mother said and what the latest is on the search for the suspect. >> just 40 minutes ago mother and daughter returned to this house the same place where this or deal began. she said she is very tired but very appreciative of all the efforts made today >> i want to say thank you for everybody thank you for everything, the people they pray for my baby, police department everything, my baby is okay, thanks god and i will be happy and i want to say thank you thank you thank you. >> reporter: ktvu was the only camera to capture the rescue of 11 month old gabriella the officer just lifted her from her car seat where she was crouched but not strapped n crying and confused. >> she was distraught, kind of lost, so she was happy i think to see us. >> reporter: riding with her to the hospital she calmed and played with a toy in the ambulance. >> some body stole my car with my baby in it. >> reporter: for neighbors it started with a mothers scream. her jeep was in the drive way, keys in ignition just before 7:00 a.m. her daught
. >> reporter: this is the lowest the unemployment has been since 2008. live in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu. >>> the positive job's report pushed the dow to a new record close. the dow gained 67 points today. in -- >>> one delicatessen owner is not very pleased with the fact wages are going up. >> i'm not in support of this measure, no. any time we can cut costs or not have to pay more, we're going to try and do that. >> reporter: workers are seeing the raise thanks to a measure that was passed last november. essentially it will mean an extra $80 a week for full time workers. >>> a man pled not guilty for charges that he tried to explode a car bomb at a bank. leneza was being monitored when he took what he thought was a real bomb to a bank of america branch. they said leneza hoped to trigger a civil war. government agents say they arrested him after he tried to blow up that phony bomb. leneza is due back in court in april. >>> the son-in-law of osama bin laden appeared in federal circuit court. . sulaiman bu ghaith pled not guilty to try to kill americans. bu ghaith is believed to be invol
with information about the case is asked to contact san jose police. >>> a report of sexual battery on a bay area campus has police warning students tonight and asking for the public's help. eric rasmussen tells us this all took place in the shower stall of a women's locker room and shows us what's being done to find the suspect. >> reporter: the timing and location inside the wellness center has some students on edge. >> especially in the like in such a -- you know private area that you would never think or assume that would happen in. >> reporter: just after noon on saturday, police say a female student was showering in a locked stall when she felt someone grabbing her from behind. they say the suspect even tried to cover the victim's mouth to keep her from screaming but she was eventually able to fight off her attacker who got away by crawling under a shower stall divider the same way he got in. >> that's crazy, that's terrible. >> reporter: today several students told us they received an e-mail alert about the crime. >> getting that e-mail yesterday, that made me freak out because i go like t
. >>> the san jose police department is looking for help tonight identifying two men who invest -- investigators say robbed people as they were getting off the train. police say the robbers followed the victims then threatened to shoot them if they didn't hand over their property. here is a closer look at the suspects, police describe them as adult males in their 20s, they say one is african american, the other is latino. >> reporter: the police chief in richmond is offering a $25,000 reward tonight after a bullet went inside a home this afternoon and a fragment wounded a 1-year-old by by boy in the neck. the shooting happened at 1:15 this afternoon near first and west mcdonald in the iron triangle neighborhood. amber lee is live where she spoke to the child's father about the changes that need to happen, amber -- >> reporter: just a few minutes ago i spoke to the father of elijah lee. he said his son successfully underwent surgery and that he's relieved the baby is expected to recover. tonight police are looking for the man who was lying in wait and opened fire on a bicyclists
baltimore police commissioner and spent 28 years with san jose police. he will have broad authority in oakland and can even ask for the police chief to be fired. >>> and noelle walker joins us now. >> reporter: we've seen some picture taking and heard some oohs and aahs over this last dress rehearsal. tomorrow night it's show time. for most of us the bay bridge is transportation, engineering, utility. for artist leo villareal it's a canvas he's painting with the lights. >> i just wanted the bay bridge to shine in the nation's conscious one more time. >> reporter: practice sessions started in january, tonight the artist is hold up in a dark hotel room working on the finishing touches to turn thousands of lights into dancing art. >> if the tests are you know even a portion of what the real thing is going to be. it's going to be good. >> reporter: the installation extends over 1.8 miles of the western span. 25,000 white l.e.d. lights will transform into moving sculpture from dusk to 2:00 a.m. never repeating the same pattern. the artists inspiration comes from the birds, tides, clouds
on march fifth. >>> now to the south bay where the san jose police has new officers. john sasaki tells us when the new officers will be on the street and what challenges they face. >> reporter: those present cheered on their loved ones. >> we need your commitment, dedication and enthusiasm. >> reporter: two women and 41 men had their family and friends pin on their new badges then they were all sworn in. >> it's just an honor to be an officer now with the san jose police department. >> reporter: 31-year-old julian taylor worked previously for a phone and cable company. >> san jose police department gave me a great opportunity and they're filled with opportunities. it's a great city and wonderful people from the training officers and everybody i've met here. so just really excited. >> reporter: his parents were by his side all through this process. >> i'm worried but i am so proud of my son. and he's with a fine department. >> reporter: chuck reed is thrilled to have a new class but acknowledges there's a tough task ahead. >> we have crime going up, of course property crimes are going up a
, remember how wet that was. 158% of average. san jose was 144% of average. january we only had five days of rain. not heavy at that. three days of rain in february. and where does that leave us, we're way down. 85% of average right now in santa rosa. san jose just 71% of average. so rainfall and snowfall way off from now. when i come back we'll be talking about the long range forecast which does show a little bit of rain. >>> benedict xvi says goodbye. >> this is an eyesore, it's annoying. >> the incentive for whoever cleans it up for good. >>> and remains for one, how long it was there and how it was found. >>> they say it's more than just an eyesore, community activists have organized a trash tour to show us the potential hazards created bid trash dumping. patti lee has how hard that could be. >> reporter: this block of mlk has been identified as one of the worse illegal dumping sites in oakland this week. that is a dubious distinction that constantly changes as illegal dumpers target new locations. mostly wide streets like this one that are poorly lit at night. old matted mattresses,
sometime between april and june. >>> wicked fast. that's how san jose officials are describing a new wifi launched today in the downtown area. it will speed up both surfing the net and parking and matt keller put it to the test. >> reporter: downtown san jose has a new slogan. >> i feel the need for speed and we have it. >> reporter: the speed limit on streets the same but the internet cable is online. they say it's the faster municipal wifi in the nation. >> typically we see municipal wifi deployments have 1,000 to 2,000-miles-an-hour. we're upping that ante to 10,000-miles-an-hour. >> reporter: the city says it cost $95,000 to install the equipments seen on light posts with more to come. it'll also be used to speed up park and pay kioskses. but not everyone is the a believer. >> wickedly fast, i don't know. >> reporter: meet muhammad he traveled to downtown while working on the computer world and was unimpressed with san jose's old wifi capabilities. so we did a test, right on the street. >> let's see how fast it works, pretty good. >> reporter: wickedly fast? >> pretty good. faster tha
now and always. >> reporter: in san jose, cara liu, ktvu news. >>> now to the federal budget, house speaker john boehner again rejected revenue instead of only making cuts. >> when you get down to the bottom line, the president believes that we have to have more taxes from the american people. we're not going to get very far. as the president doesn't believe that the rule will be to balance the budget over the next ten years, i'm not sure we're going to get very far. >> reporter: not every republican agrees with the speaker. senator coker said that he and others are open to lifting tax loopholes as part of the deal. >>> president obama will visit israel this week his first presidential trip to the country. police in jerusalem were getting ready for their trip calling it the most important visit since 2009. some 15,000 personnel are being deployed. >>> graffiti in the west bank has already defaced posters of mr. obama but so far the subject matter is light. the protests are over a lack of mobile wireless in the region. >>> gop fundraiser carl rowe fired back at sarah palin that candi
are recovering, and an officer is on leave after he opened fire. into the night san jose police gathered evidence. the street was shut down for more than five hours after an officer shot a woman driving this red car at about 4:30 this afternoon. tim's 10-year-old son was out on his scooter just before the shooting. >> as we came out of the house, we heard the gunshots. like five, six, right in a row. so we walked overk and we saw the cops, they had their gun drawn on the little red car. >> i saw a lady, she was hurt inside the car. i saw the guy with handcuffs. >> reporter: investigators say the woman was driving a stolen car. the officer evened fire after she drove the car towards him and struck him. >> the officer felt in danger. he did what he had to do, and discharge his firearm. >> reporter: the woman was struck at least once. it's unclear how the man inside was injured. both are expected to be okay. eddie, a father of three rushed to the scene. >> she was out of it. she was just moving her head, and they pulled her out and put her in a gurney and took her away. >> reporter: this is the thir
and conviction in the case. >>> new details tonight in wednesday's officer-involved shooting in san jose. police released the names and photos of the two suspects involved. they are robin philly of san jose. police say philly tried to run down a police officer. and police say both were wanted felons. they were booked on multiple charges. >>> problematic police radios are now performing up to industry standards. there had been numerous failures including during president obama's visit to oakland last summer. the city did repair the radios and reduced interference from the cell phone towers. the police union says they are working better, but there's not lot of confidence in testimony. >>> firefighters rescued at least ten dogs after responding to a house fire tonight. it was just after 6:30 at 3592 hillsboro drive. when the firefighters made their way into the house, they found a number of english bulldogs in cages. they were able to get the dogs out and contain the small fire. the dogs are okay and no one was hurt. >>> in morgan hill, police uncovered a sophisticated grow house operation in the m
are coming to san jose's shark tank. the ncaa regulation basketball court is one of the final steps needed to get hp pavilion needed for the regional in san jose. games start thursday and go until saturday. eight teams including cal, oregon, and syracuse are drawing fans from far and wide. local business owners are gearing up for busy days. >> going to be much bigger than any sort of event that goes on at hp typically bigger than a sharks game. >> many local businesses say they lost at least a third of their incomes during the nhl lock out now thousands of basketball fans are in town and that could help them bounce back. >>> president obama introduced his choice as secretary of labor, thomas perez. he is son of dominican immigrants. >> over my career i have learned true progress is possible, if you keep an open mind, listen to all sides and focus on results. >> so far perez is the only hispanic to be named to the president's cabinet during his second term. at least one republican has said he will block the nomination because of perez's work with the justice department on a voting rights ca
in recent years in an effort to improve it's mapping capabilities. >>> the san jose city council is expected to improve an incentive couple for the expansion of samsung semi conductor. the deal was outlined in a signing with governor brown and senator reed. it includes reimbursements. samsung is a subsidiary of samsung electronics. >>> for many christians, easter is a time to reflect on god's gift to mankind but for others it can be a chance to delight on candy and sweets. there weekend sales were brisk at chocolate covered that's a shop in noe valley. sales were up from what they were a year ago. >> we were happy to have enough bunnies and carrots and eggs for everybody. >> reporter: easter spending survey estimates the average person celebrating easter will spend about get this $145 on candy, decor, clothes and food. in all easter spending in the u.s. is expected to hit $17 billion. >>> a charity has the video of a rescue of a hawk caught on a utility pole. check the poor guy out. it happened last monday in w atsonville. pg & e brought a bucket truck out to get a wildlife worker up to free
from the county's last gun buy back early this month. the second event will be held in san jose. they're offering $100 for handguns and $200 for assault weapons. >>> finally, an end date for the devil's slide project. when you will be able to drive through those $400 million tunnels. >> there's real pride over the pope's choice of a name. what it may reveal about the pontiff's style of leadership. >> plus, honda recalling 2013 models. the problem is already detected. ♪ alright, let's go. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate. ♪ the one and only, cheerios >>> after seven years and more than $400 million, two new tunnels on highway 1 now have an opening date. the tunnels run between pacifica and montara, and awill you drivers to bypass that notorious stretch of highway 1, known as devil's slide. the tunnels are expected to open on monday, march 25. the $439 million tunnels were paid for with federal emergenc
about a 22-year-old san jose state university student who was reported miss pg e. he's been found. the family of gabriel lorette- smith contacted officials so day their sons safe and at home. a family member found him in santa cruz county. authorities say his family and friends were especially concerned about his safety because they think lorette- smith may have been undiagnosed mental problem. >>> the man shot and killed by police last night was a person of interest in a homicide case. police officers tried to stop two men in a stolen white honda. authorities say an officer on foot opened fire when the honda's driver accelerated toward him. the driver died at the hospital. his name has not been released. investigators say a male passenger in the car is corporating with authorities. >>> we're learning more about another officer-involved shooting. this happened friday night in napa. police say a suspect they were trying to apprehend pulled out a shiny metal object and pointed it right at officers. thinking it was a firearm four police officers opened fire killing angelo moreno. >>>
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)